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About Us

Corporation Info
        We are a good Global supplier for Broadband Light Source,Ase light source to let your network and testing successfully,which is a highly professional and fast-developing company for optic components and systems, and the factory is located in beautiful coastal industrial city, Shenzhen of China. These years, We are always devoted to achieve No.1 Service, No.1 Quality and Competitive price for the clients. All our products are designed and tested to meet the Standards of Telcordia Compliance. By this time, We are an exceptional high performance company and takes a skilled role in this optical field, All components enjoy extremely high stability and reliability.
        Our products include Broadband Light Source, Ase light source,Sled light source,Fiber Laser Light Source,Optical Amplifier,Multimode Light Source,Tunable Light Source,850nm 1310nm 1550nm 980nm 1480nm 1620nm Cwdm Light Source,etc, these products devote to let your network and testing successfully.
Production Capacity
        The quantity of our staff is more than 2,800 and the workshop area is 6,000 square meters. We have a 10,000 level of purifications production workshop about 3000 square meters, and the production capacity is above 5000pcs/week on fiber-optic modules and components.
Quality Assurance
        We are dedicated to providing its state-of-the-art products that will meet customer satisfaction through product innovation, operational excellence and quality improvement. We are qualified for the high quality assurance.
Timely Delivery
        Our extensive talent pool of engineers, skilled operators, together with local supportive facilities form the complete supply chain from sourcing, smooth production process to on time delivery.
Customer Satisfaction
        Total customer satisfaction has always been the highest operation objective to us. Having plenty of steady customers indicate we can become  the better and reliable supplier or OEM for you. Cooperation with us, the customer can get the lower prices, higher quality, faster delivery, newer styles and easier communication.




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